May 7, 2009

Back from the missing (& site redesign)

You may have noticed the site being down for the last few months. I was wandering around India, trying to locate the site of the Beatles' stay with the Maharishi, and hoping to channel John Lennon's Travis picking technique.

Eventually, a sympathetic guru explained that instructional DVDs exist for that.

I still haven't bought one, but the revelation was inspiring enough for me to redesign the site.


October or November, 2008

Ruined my VS-840

Can't remember exact date, due to trauma.

Plans for second album (moving along at very good clip, I might add) scrapped or at least delayed another decade.


October 18, 2007

New album in the works
(TAMPA, FL) Sometime in the next decade, Simple Happy Dream creator Chris Williams plans to release a followup album. It is slated to include songs recorded during his prolific 2003-2004 sessions.

"If I really knuckle down, I should be able to choose the song lineup by 2014. Then, it will be a simple matter of remixing the songs, sequencing them, submitting them for copyright, creating the album cover art and paying for duplication," Williams offered.

Though he did not mention his official site, it is possible that will also be treated to a redesign within this time period.

Chris' credit card expressed keen interest in this project.


June 1, 2006

A long hiatus to fuel the mystery
(TAMPA, FL) Songwriter Chris Williams went a record two years, three months without updating the site supposedly created to promote his debut album. "I was railing against conventional wisdom and allowing silence to linger in place of typical promospeak," the recordist said. "My sales numbers reflect the sobriety that went into this strategy."

"The fact that I've become a father, purchased a home, earned three promotions at my day job, acquired major home repair skills, bought numerous instruments and recorded scores of new songs has nothing to do with the site's apparent stagnation," assured Williams.


March 14, 2004

Album sales "staggering," reports independent recordist
(TAMPA, FL) The wheels of commerce were further greased last month by a flurry of sales in the independent music sector, financial reports reveal. The self-produced CD Simple Happy Dream has creator Chris Williams staggering around the house, seeking lost change in hopes of affording a fast food value meal.

Williams indicated Sunday that if sales continue at this rate, his initial 1,000 copy pressing of the album will be depleted by October.*


February 6, 2004

Area man breaks vow of secrecy, releases homemade album
(TAMPA, FL) A 16-song collection of home recorded original music saw the light of day Thursday after five years of extremely sporadic production. Songwriter/performer/recordist Chris Williams completed the final mixing and packaging design of the album in January, barely receiving the CD shipment in time for his mother's birthday.

Simple Happy Dream offers a blend of Sixties-pop, roots reggae and experimental instrumentation with close-harmony vocals and some quirky touches, possibly influenced by sun exposure at nearby Longboat Key.


Important Simple Happy Dream Milestones

First song recorded: spring 1998
Song selection / remix period: fall/winter 2003
Final release date: February 6, 2004
First million sold: to be announced
First hundred sold: 2010 A.D.?


*2056 A.D.

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