Song Samples

"Simple Happy Dream" is available for sale on its own page, and every song has a preview that can be streamed or downloaded.

Visit to get a taste of my secret recipe for retro-pop, reggae, and experimental sound.

You can even choose to have these excerpts play in sequence, giving you a fair idea of the album's variety.

OR, you may prefer to listen to the tunes through my Facebook "band" page, where you can also declare your fandom, if you're really feeling it. :)

"Simple Happy Dream" FAQ

What is "Simple Happy Dream?"

Simple Happy Dream is my homemade album of original songs, made purely for the pleasure of recording, between 1998 and 2001.

You might describe it as raw, harmony-laden retro pop, folk and reggae with sonic experiments at every turn.

Or, you could say "this guy must really like The Beatles and Bob Marley," and be done with it.

Where can I buy your album?

Simple Happy Dream is available for sale on, iTunes, Emusic, BuyMusic, GreatIndieMusic, PassAlong, PayPlay, QtrNote, Bitmunk, and several zillion others that I've never heard of, either.

Who's that on the cover?

Isn't he cute? That's my great-grandfather's dog, Homer.

Oh, you meant the kid! That's me, a couple of decades ago.

Do you ever play anywhere?

Not to promote my original music, no. I play drums in a variety band that lets me play & sing everything from Chuck Berry to Black Sabbath to Rick James.

However... this month, I've started practicing singing and getting my fingertips back in shape for potential long acoustic reveries... (hint)

Why don't you promote your album more?

I'm shy.

How do you intend to sell any albums if you don't promote yourself?

Oops! Good point!

Well, I did build a website to supplement the music on the CD, but... you appear to have already found it.

Is the domain for sale?

Despite years of stringing you all along with mere one-year domain registrations, and an extended period where the site wasn't visible at all, no... I plan to keep this domain indefinitely.

Do any of you remember when was pointed to my free Yahoo-hosted site? Yikes!

Hey - what's your favorite planet? Mine's the sun! I consider it the king of planets!

Actually, no one's ever asked me that.

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