All songs ©2003 Chris Williams (BMI).

Chris Williams:

Fender bass

6 & 12 string electric guitars

nylon string acoustic/electric guitar

6 string acoustic guitars


drum machine


percussion (BEWARE THE ASHIKO)

original samples

sound effects

lead vocals

harmony vocals

really bad keyboards

engineering / mixing

cover/disc artwork

John Palumbo:

additional harmony vocals during round in "Eversweet"

cymbal swells in "Refuse To Promise"

with infinite musical appreciation and gratitude to:

George Harrison

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr

Robert Nesta Marley

Peter Tosh

Bunny Livingston

Aston "Family Man" Barrett

Carlton "Carly" Barrett

all former and surviving Wailers

Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward

Cliff Burton

Ian / Benante / Lilker / Milano

James Jamerson and the Funk Brothers (unsung heroes of the Motown sound)

The Zombies

Sylvester "Sly" Stone and the brilliant Family Stone

Chuck Berry

Les Paul

Eddie Cochrane

Buddy Holly

Jack Mercer

Curtis Mayfield

Bob Dylan

Brian Wilson

Mitch Mitchell

Dick Dale

George Martin

Geoff Emerick

Joe Meek

Chuck Schuldiner

Keith Feierstadt (I miss his drumming and his brotherhood)

my brothers-in-dynamics, John Palumbo and Tom Costello

and so many more whose gifts we all take for granted

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