About (this) Chris Williams

There are many Chris Williamses on the Web, and more than a few in the entertainment world. This site is occasionally confused with that of (Vanessa Williams' actor brother) Chris Williams and (touring songwriter) Christopher Williams.

There are esteemed Chris Williamses in various fields, and (in all probability) a good many less-esteemed Chris Williamses with really unfortunate haircuts.

I'm the Tampa-dwelling, Mississippi-born, anachronistic, Dr Pepper-swilling, CSS-wielding, charcoal-drawing, classic-gaming, retro roots reggae protometal guitarist/bassist/drummer/daddy of the Chris Williams bunch.

In my case, Chris is for Christian... not Christopher or Christine.


I started on guitar in 1985, but being entirely self-taught and with extremely limited 13-year old taste, I didn't start using actual chords until '89 or so. I wasn't listenable until (maybe) 1990.

My fascination with drums exploded in 1987 when my friend Darrell Lutjens invited me over to play his 5-piece Yahama kit. I've since done a lot of jamming, recording and experimenting, and since 2006, I actually get paid to play drums & sing in a variety band.

Since I picked up bass guitar in earnest circa 1988, I've considered myself most useful to other musicians as a bass player. It seems I mix an appreciation for simplicity with a knack for improvisation / experimentation that works well in pop, rock, metal, reggae and unclassified styles. I played semiprofessionally from 1998 to 2004 in the same variety band I now drum for.

I dabble in keyboards, but am realistic about my limited talents there.


I've been recording music primitively since about 1987, and acquired a four-track Tascam Porta One in 1990. This launched The Period In My Life In Which I Recorded Many Songs. I still think of the Simple Happy Dream material as recent, but it was recorded from 1998-2001.


Almost from the beginning of my four-track days, I've squeamishly recorded my own lead and harmony vocals, but wouldn't play them for anybody for several years. I never set out to be a vocalist, so the idea of recording an entire album of my singing would have seemed quite a stretch to my younger self.

Secret Double Life

I have a beautiful wife and handsome young son, and we live a simple happy life somewhere east of Tampa.

I have a day job, such as it is, in Web design. I do listen to my own album on the way to work sometimes.

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